High Music ... A New Beginning

I am well travelled, and I have seen a lot of the world … I have lived the experience with all its colors ... and opened the pages of my life through this massive live experience … I saw the world with the eyes of a wanderer with strong insight. As they say, travel has seven benefits, but they are much more … experiences opening windows to another world living on hope and love with all human qualities that take you up to the sky. Hence, with the first issue of the reborn High Music magazine, in your hands, dear reader, I am telling you sincerely how I truly miss the dialogues and interviews and the pleasure of answering all inquiries. It is extreme enjoyment. I am sure that I will meet you in upcoming issues revealing to you another life that I lived with all its joys, pains and wounds that my mind and heart hold. The world is not fixed; it has its ups and downs. It is the world that you enter from one door and exit from the other. Therefore, the word is the magic key that makes you continue living. It is the gong, the whisper and the essence that gives joy to others. My experience is vast ... I dived into it by myself without anyone’s help. I relied on my life experience and my good understanding of life. It is experience, O new generation, that will lead you either to the seventh heaven or crush you to the ground. It is therefore necessary to go through the experience while you are filled with ambition, hope and the feeling that you must succeed in order to build a new life for yourself and for those you love. When you start, you must be keen to build credibility in every step, shunning the hypocrite, the arrogant and the indecent, to be able to proceed smoothly without any collisions or obstacles. The road is not easy. It is filled with thorns and obstacles that you can overcome with your efforts and patience. May God help us ... make peace between us ... and save us from our troubles ... this confusion and this different blue thread with vague colors. The strong personality is not affected by any tremors, not even crucial confrontations…and from this standpoint… ambition is the key to success.

Mohamed Ayman El Bokhary

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