Mohamed Ayman El-Bokhary writes: Setting off to the achievement of ambitions

Many people often encounter undesirable circumstances, to which they succumb till such circumstances control them. But a strong personality can control and restrain all negative energies and transform them to positive situations that help in the advancement and development of life. Sometimes the mission is hard while it is easy at other times because we instinctively possess kindness and simplicity like most Egyptians. The experience of many years covers our dark skin. We have our say and our voice is heard. We may be wise and may benefit others. Therefore I am aware … that a person’s mission in life is to know how to succeed and have an independent identity through which he expresses life’s vulnerabilities that confront us from time to time. Because we live in a changing environment, it is imperative that we become a barrier against all unforeseen changes that may impede our life … because a person’s success in this life is a striking force against failure what threatens the essence of successful people. And the truth is that … there is a lot of controversy about how to set off for the achievement of ambitions… However all agree that this ambition needs extensive hard work contrary to those who possess the life roadmap including all the potentials and tools for achieving the required success similar to a doctor’s prescription to the patient.

*Let the youth grow and prosper… we need an enlightened image

All successes perceived in the society are the outcome of massive efforts and struggles of people for the sake of demonstrating their economic and moral existence… the names of many businessmen and public figures have dazzled the society for their ongoing seamless successes. For this purpose, the new generation has to be aware of all this and to realize that the main objective is to know the facts and how they can experience all this reality. The issue is not just success but rather a continuous success encompassing awareness and realization that this is the hope for their victory over the widespread obscurity and darkness that must disappear gradually with the steps towards success. The matter is not difficult because the tools are available and the thinking brain is an advantage in the presence of the potentials that are introduced. Let the youth grow and proper so that we see another generation being the enlightened image of the coming years that require elements featuring strength in all domains. If the state of anguish emerges … and is felt by a person, how can he be aware of the dose of kindness and warmth of human feelings. Many people encounter states of anguish and fall prey to breakdowns and become unable to set off, unlike others who overcome that pain and anguish through challenge which is the characteristic of the strong-willed.

*Life of not easy. All complexities and complications are the outcome of human acts

Among the advantages of life is finding yourself thinking amply about the ways of ranking at the top without any tarnishes or obstacles and setting for yourself a success plan, in form and substance, with constants that make you walk without stopping, free from boredom or monotony. The strength of a person is determined by his ability to cross the line and determine a scope that has no other alternative or name on his life roadmap … this strength is his path that makes him in the eyes of others, a person with multiple dimensions not present in other people. The constants are important in the wise and balanced personality contrary to the tortured one…Constants with dimensions and a special philosophy on the way of dealing with people and the extent others understand the mature personalities that possess social and human awareness. Life is not easy. All complexities and complications are the outcome of human acts. How can you escape from this without being harmed. It is required to be able to deal with life with its ups and downs and to avoid foolish and evil ideas, also to help save those around you and to drive others towards positive thinking… also to feel that you are like the dove that flies while aware where it will land; at the top of a tree or on a mountainous ground or even on the head of a frog. This is life. You have to overcome it and start a new life associated with your world, your conditions and identity without hurting others. You are the one who sets the goal which makes all people and everyone around you feel that you are the whisper and the warm touch and you are for them like silk threads. So don’t worry about rising prices, livelihood problems and the threats of Corona Pandemic surrounding us from all sides. When you feel that life is getting tough, go out and explore new roads and axes also intertwined networks of bridges and see them like silk threads.

مشاهدتان (٢)٠ تعليق