Mohamed Ayman El Bokhary Writes :Life .. people.. and circumstances have changed

Concepts, meanings and dreams have changed... The world from east to west has also changed, by the people themselves. Aggravating actions around cities have scattered their leaves across the beaches and borders. And now life has no color ... the colors and illustrations have changed and the faces and features are not the same, their lines are sometimes transformed into blue and yellow. Life therefore has neither flavor nor characteristic. I say this while I feel that I own the windmills that I place in the middle of the crowded square without anyone noticing me ... The faces are gloomy, the hearts are hardened, the smile is du

ll, and the eyes are goggled and roving, searching for a glimpse of hope. Is there a way out of this mental block? Can I write my poems and thoughts on the walls of our homes and on exhausted hearts? Can I find someone to help me? The questions are many and confusing, to which I cannot find an answer, nor can I find anyone to help or support me. The situation is different and has no name ... all I know is that the threads are intertwined, and the cross-border language has been infested by spiders ... and the attempts have temporarily failed. Therefore, because the dream of everyone around me ... is an imperfect dream that needs to reassure the dreamer ... and to dive into the vast areas in order to find the impossible and overcome this mystery. I tell you that the aim of words is mental expansion and freedom from the control of negative energy, especially that minds do not find a space for dialogue while everyone seeks to understand. Awareness is the characteristic of those who are passionate about goals and ambitions rather than being drained of their energy unable to be creative. But hope remains across the screens of life because not everything is negative and there are silk threads that we see across the horizon.

مشاهدتان (٢)٠ تعليق