Mohamed Ayman El Bokhary writes :Your Excellency the Governor … The Microbuses!!

A situation that neither an enemy nor a lover is pleased with, is the farce that harms the architectural and engineering form of the public roads in Cairo Al-Moez.

And because I know the extent to which the Governor of Cairo and officials are interested in the beauty and the body of the general form of the civilized city, this issue was raised important and central, especially since it has become the main concern of the citizen who feels provoked by these traffic slums, which have become one of the problems that threaten the stability of the Egyptian street due to the increase of these microbuses that arrive and roam the streets of Mahrousa without any officer linking to stop them.

Microbuses spread like wildfire and threaten the community entity of dangerous drivers who stand in the middle of important and not important streets and become an obstacle to pedestrians and cars that are piling up because of it. In addition to random parking, reverse-directional walking, and fare according to mood without adhering to the specific definition, harassment, acts of bullying, in addition to the many excesses of drivers, including the crazy speed and breaking of the signal and standing in the river of the road all this and more enters into the vocabulary of the empire of chaos made by microbus drivers.

The Governor of Cairo, The beauty of the governorate is lost because of these cars that threaten the Egyptian street with its randomness and its drivers who deal with the citizen violently, as well as for the governorate of Giza, where microbuses have become a bad front with those old cars that are dilapidated, non-human, and offensive in form and subject to the al-Moez›s cairo.

Especially that these are dangerous to the Egyptian street with these barbaric methods and that violence that they deal with citizens, they create quarrels and quarrels and raise problems with passers-by, passengers and other drivers, in addition to the dictionary of profanity within the situation and along the traffic lines unchecked and without regard to anyone.

So there must be a strong decisive stand with those who have offended the front of society with their old cars and their overcharge.

And the solution is simple To restore discipline to the streets of the capital and preserve the prestige of the state and law enforcement, and take all legal measures towards violations and road works, all encroachments on the campus of the highway and causing traffic and pedestrian obstruction, and immediate accountability for any default, so that the citizen feels the strong presence of the state, and the extent of attention to the speed of lifting the suffering on the ground.

Finally, the governor of Cairo, and the governor of Giza, a quick deterrent decision is required, because the citizen has become agitated with these people after he felt that his dream in the new homeland was threads of silk.

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