Mohamed Ayman Elbokhary Suggests ...An invitation to get out of the Chaos

Chaos means the imbalance that must be dealt with... the intended chaos is the citizen›s relationship with his brother... That relationship has lost its content and its meaning that we have lived through that last crisis. Chaos is also related to the negative aspects of the Egyptian street, misunderstanding, arrogance, clashes and many things that the Egyptian person who was raised on virtue, good manners, kindness and tolerance. What happens, for God›s sake? ...and what has changed? What are these methods that are alien to a civilized society with civilizations and an honorable history on the political, intellectual, cultural, artistic and social levels?!! It is the crisis of values, which is one of the clear features of the present era as a result of the tyranny of matter over the values and principles around it. Man›s remarkable progress has not only brought him the psychological balance he desires, but has helped to shake values and shallow them inside him and become everything that matters to him. He sees only himself and does not hear his voice. As a result, the values that maintain social cohesion have been weakened. Widespread social problems such as deviation and drug use of all kinds, the breakup of families as a result of divorce, illiteracy, unemployment and the tyranny of violence and other problems such as homelessness, begging, aggression and individualism because individuals have become interested only in their personal interests. What happens now is an ultimate negative condition that doesn’t need silence but needs Correction and evaluation to emerge from this negative turn that we warn against continuing with a new generation using weird, alien and annoying terms in its dialogues with others. That might have gone too far. The Country should take care of the matter because the country›s personality is in its children, most of whom have lost belonging and a sense of reassurance. Accordingly, The need to educate on the fundamental values and principles that govern human relations between individuals has become urgent. This supreme goal will be achieved only by adopting an educational philosophy based on live programs and curricula aimed at consolidating the values of citizenship, civil behavior and human rights values. That will have positive effects on the individual and society. The relevant authorities should descend to the Egyptian street to fill these gaps and bad impacts and This endless crowding and this chronic suffocation in the most important squares of Cairo, All of these require extreme discipline in order for the face of Cairo to shine again instead of the violence that causes boredom and fatigue. The other and the most important point should be directed to reformulate life at all levels to get out of this mess that prevailed savagely within society. It is the original call for the return of life and the sense of the citizen that he again sees Strands of Silk.

مشاهدتان (٢)٠ تعليق