Mohamed Ayman Elbokhary writes ..about the New Generation of Girls

This is the new generation of flower girls, who are the title of the future and the desired hope. This generation is the phenomenon of society that aspires to the presence of these new elements for girls, who have enough to make the experience successful and carry the flag of all responsibilities in society, including thought, culture, politics, and prestigious centers. But does what is happening make us hope for this beautiful bronze dream? .. Does what we see of disparity in personalities and moral chaos make us hope for the emergence of that lost hope? The answer is that we are in front of a societal battleground dominated by these new concepts, deteriorating methods and strange words for these girls and some of their behaviors or their handling of various social situations, in addition to changing their keenness to preserve all the customs and traditions inherited from their ancestors, as well as the youth who reject everything that is old according to their beliefs that they are They live in a new era that does not accept these tools of the bygone eras. They do not realize the importance of the heritage of nations and the saying of the proverb (Lost is the person who forgets his past) and they do not recognize this very important saying, which means that we live on our ancient heritage, draw from it what is useful and learn from it and from these previous experiences. This generation of girls fell into the clutches of unidentified people calling them astray and uttering the values we were brought up with and making this society a pure and chaste facade, and it has become like a generation rebelling against a social and religious system that has been established in the country for many decades. It is a call for the state to preserve this generation from moral absurdity and emotional chaos that took them to that dark darkness that makes them lose their personality and what they hold dearest that innocence and chastity, and that school and university play an essential role, if they carry out their functions in education, which is unfortunately missing for a long time, and therefore The product that appeared to us is clear, and seeks to do anything, regardless of the traditions and customs of the society. Everyone should pay close attention in dealing with the issue so as not to lose, and for girls, they should be more careful and intelligent and not be deceived, and also parents should be their friends first in order to maintain their balance. I say that the state should take into account the protection of the future of our sons, especially our daughters, who are rushing toward the abyss for sterile ideas, and to return to us and to a new, mature life with Strands of Silk.

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