Mohamed Ayman Elbokhary writes...Be optimistic for the good and you shall find it

Tolerance is the trait of loyal people who are at peace with themselves. Therefore, you find that humans are different and divergent, some of them are loyal, some are malicious, and others have no real face (Fake). Society now lives with those who believe that the world is just interests and benefits and that the motives for any relationship are personal benefit, otherwise the relationship may end immediately after the end of these temporary interests. Peoples who live in human contact succeed in creating a distinct society in which the society is linked with friendliness, understanding and human interdependence. Therefore, it is a call for to this loose bond and to hold hands in creating a distinct and successful social system, positive participation in community activities, defense of community interests, sense of pride in community cohesion, and preservation of property, all of these indicators can be inferred. The basis of interdependence is the participation of community members and urging others to cooperate with them to face problems and develop appropriate programs to confront them. Quarrel is a defeatist trait, and reconciliation is an understanding trait, which means that there is a state of sincerity and society must return again to reconcile and recover from the bullying and negativity situations we are living in now. One of the most important features that distinguishes human from other creatures is his strong tendency to think positively, especially healthy people, the faculties of the mind are means of positive logical thinking, and there is an agreement among scholars that the positive aspects are not specific to a particular culture, religion or race, all religions and philosophies all over the world, starting with the ideas of Aristotle and Plato and ending with Islamic philosophy, recommend that individuals adopt positivity that meets rationality, in addition to that, people by their nature love the person who thinks and acts positively. Will this society return again to optimism? Will he return again to interact with the movement of life in another new way? Optimism is hope, future joy and a positive view of everything, it is our ability to withstand today›s difficulties in the hope of a better tomorrow, or it is the light that illuminates our way in the darkness, and helps us to live a life full of love, and it makes us realize our dreams and hopes, and look at life with loving eyes and dreaming of what is best, a decent, peaceful life, all lights and contentment with God’s decree and ability, far from despair and pessimism. It is the point of view of life that keeps a person looking at the world as positive, or keep his personal condition positive, and as the famous proverb said, “Be optimistic for the good and you shall find it.” Optimism is the philosophical counterpart to pessimism, optimists generally believe that people and events are already good, most cases ultimately turn out to be better, which is a penchant or tendency to look at the best side of events or conditions, and to anticipate the best outcome. This is what we want life to transform to and for pride, to flourish and as for the opinion and the opposing opinion and our victory over all compulsive crises and to touch again those threads of silk.

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