Mohamed Ayman Elbokhary writes: Citizen’s comportment

The concepts and the life have changed … the personality of the citizen entirely changed due to and following the world changes that surround him in all the different aspects of life. The question is not now a phenomenon but an accomplished fact whereas the youths utilize a language related to the components of life that they live under the innovations of the occidental policy that shocked the world. The language is extremely far from the beauties of the original Arabic language as it can be qualified as flabby between the vile slang and the words that do not have any origin in the politeness of the dialog or eroded words, declined letters and others repeated with ambiguous constructions between the Arabic and the Foreign. This language diffuses and is exchanged among all the categories of students and during the meetings of young people who talk using these bad expressions that corrupt our reality with these invasive concepts. In spite of the fact that the language is the principal cultural façade that demonstrates the identity of the individual and that of the community and aside from that it is the basic instrument of communication between the members of the community. It is regrettable that the language spreading between the youths reflects their isolation from the community and it is one of the major problems that we face. We point out that this problem stormed into the life of the youths by surprise without knowing its origin or the reason of its appearance. Unfortunately it crept our Arabic language and the youths are aware of that without clear rules. The affair is dangerous and that is incumbent on the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education that are not interested in the culture of this generation who are straying between the dramas and the episodes that use silly dialogues and the cinematic films which depend on corrupted and harmful scenarios . Consequently it is necessary to restore the style of the community that is linked with the juvenile dialogues. It is also necessary to organize cultural fore and programs of sensibility whose object is the restoration of the contents of the juvenile mind and their illumination in order that it can be again qualified and distant from the confusion that the youths live now. The question is also related to the interest of the State that has to pave the way for this generation and safeguard him from the psychological and moral troubles to which attempt some people to destruct the youths as this is their aim but how impossible that our sons would fall in this terrible trap ! . That deviates from the patriotic frame which is designed to our new reality with the youths who have to be aware of this conspiracy because they have threads of silk that surround their life.

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