Mohamed Ayman Elbokhary writes: Human Call Save Street Children from beggin

I hold myself while I see some of street children who try to get a living through their desperate efforts trying to obtain a living from the passengers and the vehicles owners. In their tentatives some people sympathy with them, others are excited because they believe that the most of these children consider their attempts as a task. Effectively there are collective formations from this category that try to obtain the funds without any effort or sweat. The existence of these spreading people in the streets in shameful and irritant form especially that they use sometimes blamed manners. Consequently it is required to protect the community from this category that densely spreads or treat their pains in human way in order that the streets appear empty from them. The protection of the society is a difficult task but it is a must in order that the citizen would feel the safety and psychological stability instead of the feeling that he and his family expose to this few category that can do anything. The cohesion of the society is the exemplary way to prevent the existence of negative cases or distant in their treatment from the logic way with which treats the ordinary citizen. Then, it is better to activate the study of these people on the psychological and familial level and safeguard them and we have to study the circumstances that leaded them to adopt a way that would damage the community. Starting from this view we declare that this study would protect our society from the propagation of this phenomenon in the streets and we will protect the citizen from the blind orientation that he sees and touches in every part night and day. I knew many details about these persons in the different parts of Egypt. The style is the same and the method that they use is troublous. We do not know how to treat them: to sympathize with them or refuse this sympathy. In spite that the matter is perplex but in all cases we have to keep watch with them because the difficult circumstances are the reason that conducted them to do so, The multitude of the cases that are beyond our familiar comprehension must not increase under the treatment of this question without arrest, withdrawal or negligence. We have to say that the new and serious attempts aiming to join them into the houses of correction are in the beginning but can we say that it is the solution, surely no because as we said previously that he priority must be given to the study of their psychological conditions and the treatment of this question must be carried out far from their leave in any place and I intend the houses of correction. The best solution in this case is its treatment by the way of the four virtues defined by Plato: wisdom, justice, courage and temperance and it is the highest level that a person can reach in drawing plans and making decisions. After the knowledge of the crisis volume and all its dimensions, a breakthrough will occur only here to achieve the best of goals. Then we can say: Congratulations to those who reach wisdom and sobriety in order to transform the tragedy of street children from projects for beggars or even criminals in the future to good members of society having the ambition. At that time threads of silk will be presented to them to illuminate their life and benefit the society as a whole.

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